Trailers in Darwin


At Voyager Trailers, we take pride in producing high quality, custom fabricated trailers and accessories. Choose from our deluxe range of locally made, ready-made trailers, or create a specific design with the guidance of our qualified and experienced engineers.

As well as having a wide range of spare parts and accessories, we also offer a repairs and maintenance service to ensure your trailers are always ready to be your reliable workhorse.
Blue Trailer — Trailers in Darwin, NT
Heavy Machine — Trailers in Darwin, NT
Locally made, we have a range of pre-fab trailers for those who need a standard trailer for work or play. Find out more today.
Green Trailer — Trailers in Darwin, NT
With experience and attention to detail, we consistently produce exceptional trailers, custom designed to suit your specific needs. Call us for a quote.
Spare Parts — Trailers in Darwin, NT
We stock a large range of quality spare parts and accessories from brands such as ARK Corp, Poly RV and Rapid Spray.
For honest and reliable repairs to your current trailer, book in for a service with our qualified team today!

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Blue Trailer — Trailers in Darwin, NT
Speedboat on a Trailer — Trailers in Darwin, NT
Orange Trailer — Trailers in Darwin, NT